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Raising the Bar

Galvanized by the school's first 7-year accreditation, which is the highest achievable status from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), the International School of the Peninsula is perfectly positioned to ascend to the next level. 
The plan's primary focus is simple: moving forward together, as one school - to align our programs and academic experiences to present one unified school and vision; a portrait of a graduate that is easily communicated to high schools and will positively impact our students' overall journey. The next step in ISTP's evolution is thoughtfully described in our updated mission and vision. 

To help the school provide an unparalleled, academically rigorous and internationally-aware bilingual education for our students, ISTP will focus on the following areas:

  • deliver an innovative, inquiry-based bilingual program

  • solidify a culture of philanthropy

  • strengthen our financial core

  • uphold excellence in governance


Our Journey Forward

Our Mission
We educate students through a rigorous and dynamic bilingual program, inspiring them to develop an inquisitive and responsible international mindset.

Our Vision
We are committed to being a leader in international bilingual education while providing our students with a transformative educational journey that encourages compassion, independence, action and gratitude.


Deliver an Innovative,
Inquiry-Based Bilingual Education

Continuing in our tradition of forward-thinking pedagogy, our objective is to strengthen the journey through an innovative, international-focused, inquiry-based approach. We aim to align the academic experience and outcomes for all students, evolving to a "one-school" vision. ISTP will also study the feasibility of extending our program through high school, as well as ensure that our faculty and staff are provided with engaging and enriching professional development programs that will allow them to deepen their understanding of the core of a global education.

Our rigorous bilingual curriculum ensures that students develop an inquisitive mindset, think creatively, and communicate effectively.

Our Philanthropy

Solidify a Culture of Philanthropy

To support and enhance the educational experience of our students while keeping tuition as affordable as possible, it is critical for parents to be generous with their time and resources to help ISTP fulfill its mission. We aim to create a robust, highly-energized community of parents who are as mission-driven as the teachers and staff of ISTP.

Our Financial Core

Strengthen Our Financial Core
ISTP is strategic in allocating its resources to provide the greatest return to students, faculty, and the school. We depend on careful management and oversight of our financial resources to support the School’s mission and enable planning for new initiatives. Our five-year financial plan aims to support the educational and strategic endeavors outlined in our Strategic Plan, and balances the need to maintain an outstanding international bilingual program, competitive faculty and staff compensation, and ensuring the diversity and ongoing success of our school.

Our Leadership

Uphold Excellence in Governance + Leadership
It is the Board of Trustees’ responsibility to ensure that the school’s mission is relevant and vital to the ISTP community. The Board tracks and monitors the school’s progress toward fulfilling its mission, and provides important fiduciary oversight for the management of the school. The Board plans for the future of ISTP, and identifies both financial and leadership resources needed to achieve its strategic objectives. 
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